This Gun is for Hire

From Personal to Corporate Design Projects

A compilation of work by some of the most innovative contemporary designers from around the world. Designs for corporate and cultural clients by 3deluxe Graphics, Antoine + Manuel, Base, Jonathan Barnbrook, Francois Chalet, Günter Eder, Greige, Lobo, Rinzen etc.

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Is contemporary corporate design dull and full of compromise? Do designers and illustrators approach commercial projects in a different way to how they approach private ones? Is the work that designers do for themselves “better”, more “free”, more imaginative than the work they produce for their clients?

These were the sorts of questions that first inspired this book. It is a select compilation of personal, cultural and corporate projects from some of the world’s leading young designers. In their own words, the designers talk us through the joys and sorrows, pitfalls and crowning moments, learning curves and tricky client negotiations that are all part and parcel of their job. It also examines some of the main issues that confront designers in the realisation of their work and how they define, segregate, rationalise or integrate their corporate, cultural and private projects.