Convertible City

Modes of Densification and Dissolving Boundaries

“Convertible City” documents exciting changes in architecture and urban structure in Germany and how existing potential can be sustainably exploited for new urban worlds of living and working.

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Convertible City: Modes of Densification and Dissolving Boundaries was designed as the catalogue to accompany the German pavilion contribution at the 10th Venice Biennale 2006. The theme of the exhibition, curated by the Berlin-based architects GrüntuchErnst, and its catalogue, was to focus on stimulating projects for transforming existing urban situations in German cities. Convertible City defined itself as: an expression of the continuity and transformative power of urban space, a call for maintaining the diversity of city life, a demand for the sustainable use of core cities, an alternative to urban sprawl encroaching on natural areas, the dissolution of boundaries in the urban habitat, creative appropriation of metropolitan areas, an expression of a positive attitude to urban life and an inspiration and stimulation for new concepts of living.